5 Tips For Hiring a Commercial Electrician

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When opening a new business or completing repairs for your existing business, it is imperative to make the right choice when hiring a commercial electrician. If you aren’t sure how to choose the right commercial electrician, it could lead to disappointment because they don’t have the exact skill level you need. By taking the time to make an informed decision when hiring an electrician, you will feel confident that the work will be done well.

How to Find a Good Electrician

1. Ask for license and insurance

Each state will have different licensure requirements, but typically there are two types of licenses for electricians – journeyman and master. A master electrician will have more experience than a journeyman, and there may also be apprentices on staff learning the trade. Electricians are also required to have a contractor license for the state to perform contracting work of any kind. 

A regulatory body, usually at the state level, based on knowledge and experience, grants a license. It allows the electrician to perform work in that area. Always confirm that the electrician is insured. You are protecting yourself, your business, and the electrician in case anything were to go wrong while the job is being completed.

2. Find a commercial electricians specialized for the job

There are many different kinds of electricians, including residential, commercial, and lineman. When hiring an electrician for your business, you’ll want to hire a contractor who specializes in commercial work. The electrical systems are different in homes and businesses, with commercial buildings utilizing different wiring and sometimes a higher voltage.

On top of the basic licensing, some commercial electricians may hold qualifications or certifications. These will tell you that the electrician has completed a certain amount of work and/or passed a knowledge exam. They can also help you determine if the contractor has completed continuing education courses, OSHA training, are up-to-date with the National Electric Code (NEC), and have the right experience for the job you need done.

3. Do they offer a warranty or guarantee?

Many experienced and professional electricians will offer a warranty or guarantee on their work.  This shows that they are confident in the quality of their work and you will know that the job will be done up to code. Mistakes happen or products can be faulty, so it is always beneficial to know that issues can be fixed free of charge on the warranted work.

Additionally, certain brands will offer warranties on their products. Ask your electrician if the products they use are covered by any warranties and if they will handle any repairs and refunds.

4. Look for a professional team

Many electricians work in teams or for a larger electrical company. There could be a group of master electricians, journeyman electricians, and apprentices working together on a team. Also, larger companies may contract out work to independent commercial electricians if their schedule becomes too full. Always check who will be working on your project before it begins. 

When interacting with anyone from the electrical company, from the customer service representative to the master electrician, you want to be speaking with helpful, knowledgeable individuals. Quick and direct communication will allow you to effectively express your needs and get your job done in the best way possible. 

Furthermore, it is always good to hire a professional, polite commercial electrician. The work might not be able to be completed outside of business hours, so it is very possible that your employees and customers could be interacting with the contractor.

5. Use references and recommendations

They say word-of-mouth is the best advertising for a reason. Consult with other businesses in your area for commercial electricians that they’ve hired and loved. You can also ask a potential contractor for references from previous work they’ve completed.

Thanks to online business directories, you can also look up reviews and ratings for most businesses. This can give you an idea of positive and negative feedback they have received.

By using these tips for hiring a commercial electrician, you will have no problem finding the right commercial electrician for your business needs. Many of these tips are also helpful for hiring a contractor of any trade, if you are working on a larger project. When you’re ready to hire an electrician that ticks all the boxes, contact our team at B & W Electric to schedule a consultation today.

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