If you’re remodeling your home this year, you might be wondering when you should complete an electrical panel upgrade – before, during, or after the remodel – or if you need the upgrade at all.

In Colorado, homes tend to use more electricity during the hot summers and freezing winters. Upgrading your electrical panel will ensure your home is running as safely and efficiently as possible, so you don’t run into power outages, alarmingly high electrical bills, or electrical fires.

Whether or not your electrical panel needs an upgrade will largely depend on the condition and age of your home. That being said, it’s always a good idea to take electrical upgrades into consideration when remodeling.

When Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel When Remodeling?

When you’re planning a home remodel, it’s not a bad idea to ask yourself, “When should I upgrade my electrical panel?”

When you’re remodeling your home, the best time to upgrade your electrical panel is somewhere in the middle of your remodel, when wiring is easier to see and access. Completing the upgrade before or after your remodel will take extra work and construction that is neither time nor cost efficient.

In addition, upgrading your electrical panel during a remodel will help you figure out exactly what kind of power you need to supply to new appliances and fixtures, where they can be configured in the room, and plan for future electrical needs as your home and family grow.

How to Upgrade Electrical Panel in a Home

When you get to the point in your remodel when the walls are coming down and you can start to access wiring, you know that it’s time to begin your electrical upgrade.

Here are your next steps:

  • Safety first! Don’t touch any wires unless you are wearing insulated rubber gloves.
  • Call in the professionals. There are many things that you can “DIY” when it comes to home remodels, but electrical work should never be one of them.
  • Create a plan. Tell your electrician team everything you have planned for your remodel, like the new appliances you’re installing, they types of devices you’ll need to run, and if you’re going to need anything custom-built (for example, you might need lower light switches in one room to accommodate someone in a wheelchair)
  • Be flexible. If you’ve ever remodeled a home before, you know that things rarely go exactly as you planned them. Be prepared with a “plan B” in case you have to change things up.
  • Inspect everything. Your electrician should have a code inspector come to make sure everything is working and safe. However, you should complete your own inspection to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want and need. Alert your electrician of anything you want to change as soon as you can.
  • Call if you need help. If anything ever goes wrong with your professionally installed electrical panel, you always have someone to call. Your electrician should have no problem coming to your home to check out the issue and quickly get things back into shape.

Call B&W Electric for Your New Electrical Panel

Are you wondering how much it is to install a new electrical panel in your Colorado remodel? Contact B&W Electric! Our team of professional electricians will visit your home to assess your unique needs, develop a plan that works for you, give you a price quote, and get your electrical work done safely, in a timely manner.

We are always happy to answer any questions you have.