Nobody likes to lose power, but unfortunately this scenario can become a reality for many people far too often. Storms, natural disasters, maintenance work and other electrical issues all pose threats to the integrity of your power, and it’s nearly impossible to know if these events will affect you.

However, mitigating the fallout of power loss is possible if you’re aware of some very important power outage tips that can save anyone significant time and stress if a blackout does happen. The unpredictable nature of power outages is frustrating, but with a proper plan and course of action, these protocols can help ensure that your home and family stay safe in a time of distress.

How to Prepare For Extended Power Outage

Here are some power outage tips and tricks that every homeowner should know when extended power outages occur:

  • Creating a detailed plan – This is incredibly beneficial for anyone during a power outage, but it can be especially useful for those who live in areas where frequent blackouts occur. Writing down a plan and keeping it in a reliable location of the house is an effective method to ensure that all family members are on the same page. These plans can include things such as the location of certain items, information about generators, breakers, switches, etc., and even simple information like how many types of batteries you have and what they are needed for.
  • Build a power outage kit – An emergency kit can provide many of the necessities that come with a power outage. Useful items to put in these kits include flashlights, lanterns, batteries, bottled water, first aid supplies, cell phone external batteries, blankets, non-perishables, and some fun activities like cards or games. Make sure to let everyone in the household know exactly where this kit is, which can be an added feature to your existing plan. Also, make sure to refill this kit when used, so the next time a power outage occurs, you have fresh products ready to go.
  • Preparing the house – Installing quality surge protectors throughout your home can protect many of your devices such as a television, washer/dryer, refrigerator, or other large electronics from a power overload that can damage their batteries or other components. Other ways to prepare the house include placing flashlights in convenient and accessible locations, keeping fridges and freezers closed, and monitoring windows depending on the weather.

The Power of Generators

Electric generators are a very smart investment for those who live in areas with frequent power outages. These generators may certainly seem daunting when looking at the initial purchase, but the use they provide in the long run pays for itself. Generators usually range from 7kW to 22kW of power or more when installed for home use, and rely on natural gas or propane to run. Their ability to provide power for some of the more essential appliances in a home, like a refrigerator or air conditioner, makes them a fantastic way to alleviate the complications of a blackout. Fortunately, many of the new types of generators run entirely on automatic operation, and can be controlled, if necessary, from a mobile device or computer. Plus, many of the gas-powered generators on the market can be hooked up into your already existing gas line, eliminating the need to refuel.

Electrical Commercial Services For Power Outage Safety

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